Create the future of flight

Flight was born in Ohio, and the Cincinnati region continues to harness that explorer spirit today. The region is on the leading edge of the aerospace industry, which attracts supporting industries to Greater Cincinnati.

Home to GE Aviation and many of its suppliers, the Cincinnati region continues to change the face of flight.

Find well-trained talent

With the second-highest concentration of aerospace talent in the U.S., Greater Cincinnati’s well-trained pool of workers is available to growing companies.

Ship your product for less

Aerospace companies run on tight deadlines, and quickly moving a product from the manufacturing floor to the end-user is critically important. The Cincinnati region’s logistics industry can move products by rail, highway, air or water.

  • 2 million international shipments processed at CVG’S DHL global hub
  • 100+ DHL service centers & five international gateways accessible from CVG
  • 1-day drive from most major metros
  • Two Class 1 railroads and one short-line carrier
  • 200 miles of the Ohio River is accessible from Greater Cincinnati

Access more ready-to-use sites

REDI Cincinnati works closely with seven regional port authorities to transition land from brownfield or greenfield to shovel-ready sites. In 2016 alone, regional partners committed to redevelop 140 acres for next-generation manufacturers.

Leverage grant opportunities

Greater Cincinnati and Dayton combine to make the Southwest Ohio & Northern Kentucky Aerospace Region (SOAR). One of 24 manufacturing communities recognized by the U.S. Department of Commerce, this designation means companies located in the region may receive additional consideration when applying for federal grants.