Craft next-generation manufacturing solutions

The Cincinnati region knows how to make things. Experts have been manufacturing here for generations.

Like any mature industry, regional companies grew up here to support advanced manufacturing; and Greater Cincinnati is uniquely capable to help manufacturers grow.

Find the right talent

The Cincinnati region understands how to train skilled workers. The region’s colleges and universities help students learn necessary technical skills while leveraging a strong R&D culture to find innovative ways to do more with less.

Ship your product for less

The manufacturing industry is characterized by short deadlines and tight margins. The Cincinnati region’s location put a manufacturer or supplier at the center of it all – making shipping by rail, highway, air or water less expensive and easy.

  • 2 million international shipments processed at CVG’S DHL global hub
  • 100+ DHL service centers & five international gateways accessible from CVG
  • 1-day drive from most major metros
  • Two Class 1 railroads and one short-line carrier
  • 200 miles of the Ohio River is accessible from Greater Cincinnati

Access more ready-to-use sites

By working with seven regional port authorities, REDI Cincinnati helps its partners create shovel-ready sites from brownfield or greenfield locations. In 2016 alone, regional partners committed to redevelop 140 acres for next-generation manufacturers.