Foreign Direct Investment

REDI Cincinnati understands locating in the U.S. can be confusing. From navigating regulations to understanding employment law, bringing a business to America can be overwhelming.

We are here to connect you to the people and resources you need to ensure your business thrives in Greater Cincinnati.

While we are happy to help companies from any country locate and grow here, REDI Cincinnati targets four countries with specific attraction strategies.

German holds a special place in Greater Cincinnati’s heart. The country plays a strong role in the region’s history and its current culture.

The Cincinnati region is home to a strong Indian cultural influence. REDI Cincinnati works with the Indian American Chamber of Commerce to help companies and employees grow in our region.

Greater Cincinnati understands the potential in creating partnerships with innovative Israeli companies. These rapidly growing, high-tech organizations will feel at home in the region’s business ecosystem.

The Cincinnati region has a strong history of working closely with Japanese companies. In fact, nearly 30 percent of Ohio’s total international employment comes from Japan.

Connect with other foreign-owned firms

Greater Cincinnati is home to approximately 450 foreign-owned companies representing more than 30 countries.