Business Operating Costs

Least-costly large U.S. city for business 

It costs less to run your business in our region than it will in any other large metropolitan areas in the nation (KPMG 2016 Competitive Alternative Study). In fact, our region has the lowest property taxes and one of the most cost-friendly business locations.

Greater Cincinnati offers top talent, easy-to-afford business locations as well as close proximity to transportation and logistics companies, among other business-friendly assets. It's easy to grow your company in Ohio. With no corporate franchise tax, no tangible personal property tax, no inventory tax and no sales tax on machinery, business leaders can keep valuable capital in their companies.

Do you ship goods overseas or receive shipments from overseas companies? Greater Cincinnati makes imports and exports easy with two Foreign Trade Zones (Nos. 46 and 47). These zones offer customs-related advantages as well as state and local inventory tax exemptions. Currently, Ohio and Kentucky companies use these zones to sell machinery, oil, petroleum, textiles, footwear, vehicle parts and consumer products.