Greater Cincinnati is the right location for your soft landing in the U.S.

With assets like a top-ranked business climate, growing industries, convenient access to customers, markets and suppliers, and a talented workforce, Greater Cincinnati is the perfect location for Indian companies that want to establish a North American headquarters or a U.S. presence.

The Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Cincinnati, works closely with the Indian American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) to help Indian companies build a solid foundation for a success. The IACC is a nonprofit organization that promotes business relations and trade opportunities between people of Indian origin and the Greater Cincinnati community.

Why Greater Cincinnati is a fit for Indian companies:

You can feel at home in Greater Cincinnati.

Indian culture has a strong influence in Greater Cincinnati. Indian families moving to the region can take advantage of:

  • The Greater Cincinnati Tamil Sangam, formed in 2005, to teach the Tamil language and culture to the children of Tamil speaking families
  • An Indian Student Associate at the University of Cincinnati to provide a basic support network for Indian students attending the university
  • A number of Indian restaurants and shops in the Clifton neighborhood north of Downtown Cincinnati

The Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Cincinnati wants to connect growing Indian companies to available resources that position your business for success. Whether locating the first U.S. operations base or expanding a current operation, REDI Cincinnati can help you take advantage of Greater Cincinnati’s business-friendly environment. For more information, contact us at