Custom-Built for Accelerated Performance

Our region is made-to-spec for automotive companies.  It starts with our location which is in the heart of automotive assembly country. Since eighty percent of North American light-vehicle production takes place within 600 miles (1,000 KM) of our region, automotive companies have strategic, central access to this important supply chain.  It’s a major reason 130 automotive companies are located in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Our prime location also gives automotive parts suppliers access to 58 major automotive assembly plants, including Honda, Ford, Nissan, General Motors, Volkswagen, AM General, Subaru, Chrysler, MAC Trailers, Navistar Trucks, and Kenworth Trucks.  And thanks to our central location and extensive transportation network, products and goods are delivered to customers within one 24 hours by truck, including customers in the Midwest, Florida, along the Gulf Coast, and even Canada.

Add in other our advantages like low business operating costs and 35,000 skilled automotive workers and you have a region that helps drive the success of automotive companies.

Success Stories

  • ThyssenKrupp Bilstein - The Greater Cincinnati region has helped this German-based distributor of premium automotive components rev up its growth since 1984. (video)


Advanced Manufacturing Assets

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