A Mission-Critical Aerospace Hub

From the time the Wright Brothers invented the airplane in Dayton in 1903, the aerospace industry has skyrocketed in Southwest Ohio. Today, more than 400 industry-related companies line the Cincinnati-Dayton corridor, which makes our area one of the top 15 in the nation for aerospace products and parts manufacturing. Our area also has one of the highest concentrations of aerospace talent in the country.

As a result, aerospace companies have a built-in infrastructure that is mission-critical to their success. Suppliers have the distinct advantage of being close to many potential customers, including GE Aviation, the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft engines as well as manufacturers of parts for NASA space missions. Companies are also able to fill a number of jobs, thanks a talent pool of 180,000 skilled industry workers, including 50,000 scientists and engineers. More talent is added each year when graduates from our colleges and universities enter the workforce, including five of the nation’s leading aerospace engineering universities that are located within 200 miles of our region. 

Top this off with a wealth of proven industry resources, low business operating costs, and the opportunity to license new technologies from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and it’s easy to see why The Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky Aerospace Region (SOAR) was named one of 12 federally designated manufacturing communities by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Success Stories 

GE Aviation - Since 1949, world-leading aviation industry supplier continues to reach new heights in the Greater Cincinnati region. (Video) (Case study)


Advanced Manufacturing Assets

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  • Southwest Ohio & Northern Kentucky Aerospace Region (SOAR)

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