Greater Cincinnati is among the most competitive cities in North America for aerospace, chemicals & plastics, food & beverage, metals, and transportation & logistics. (Site Selection, 2015)


Easy access to 2.1 million people, 25 of the largest metro regions and more than half of all U.S. manufacturing establishments.

Driving success for economic development 

Company leaders coming to or growing in Greater Cincinnati need assets to grow their businesses. Our region’s economy is strategically diverse and able to help your organization achieve its unique goals.

Branding &Marketing
Greater Cincinnati truly earns its reputation as the branding capital of the world. With top-ranked branding agencies and consumer products giants located in our region, any business can discover and build its brand here.

Distribution &Logistics
Our region is centrally located in the U.S., which means companies located here can ship goods and products to customers quickly and efficiently. The region is a 90-minute flight or a one-day drive from most major U.S. metros.

Finance & Insurance
Stability, diversity of options and branch access put Greater Cincinnati at the top of the list for consumer banking. These companies choose to stay because of our region’s time-tested advantages and new growth opportunities.

IT, Big Data &Analytics
Greater Cincinnati is over-indexed in talent and big data, according to McKinsey & Company’s 2014 Game Changers report. We have some of the top companies in the world using and thinking about data in new and different ways.

Manufacturing has long been an important industry for our region. With more than 2,500
 manufacturing companies located throughout the region, how Greater Cincinnati is perfectly positioned to make your products.

Research &Development
Greater Cincinnati knows how to find an answer to your research question. In 2014, nearly $2 billion was spent on R&D by 19 institutions throughout Ohio. From math and life sciences to engineering and physical sciences, our region is the right spot to fill your company’s R&D needs. 

Our region began nurturing startups in the 1800s – and we’re still pretty good at it today. With nationally renowned incubators and accelerators, Greater Cincinnati can help you turn your idea into a reality.