Project Spotlight: Aprecia Pharmaceuticals

By REDI Cincinnati on 04/25/2016

Aprecia is an emerging pharmaceutical company that uses proprietary ZipDose® Technology to transform the way people take medicine. The company’s first product, SPRITAM® (levetiracetam), is the first prescription drug product approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that is manufactured using 3D printing technology. 

Founded in 2003, Aprecia looked for a new way to use 3D printing for biohealth. Other companies were already using the technology to make medical devices and complete research, but leaders at Aprecia had another idea. They wanted to use 3D printing to create pharmaceuticals.

Finding a home in Greater Cincinnati
When the New Jersey-based company realized it was outgrowing its current facility, Aprecia looked for a new location where the talent base was familiar with biohealth technology, and it could be close to investors. After an extensive search during 2015, company leaders found a location in Blue Ash to fit its needs.

“We found a wide talent pool, access to manufacturing expertise and product development expertise,” said Aprecia CEO Don Wetherhold. “We saw an educated workforce of people who did what we do, and we knew it was the right fit.” 

In addition to the talented workforce, Aprecia leaders determined Greater Cincinnati’s central location would be helpful when the company is ready to start shipping pharmaceuticals.

“If you’re a product distributor, this is a great area to be,” said Wetherhold.

Why Greater Cincinnati is the right place for biohealth companies
The region has a long history of contributing to significant medical breakthroughs. Discoveries that happened at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati’s College of Medicine continue to save countless lives around the world.

From startups to Fortune® companies, Greater Cincinnati has the right organization to help your company grow.

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