The Catalyst

Cat•a•lyst : a person or event that quickly causes change or action.

Our team of economic development experts is actively traveling the globe and visiting the world's top industry conferences. With your help, our goal as the Regional Economic Development Initiative is to be the catalyst for economic growth in Greater Cincinnati by sharing our insights and the latest trends while engaging our region to amplify the stories and thought-leadership of our world-class industry experts located right here in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Interested in being a catalyst as a guest blogger? Contact us at Info@REDICincinnati.com with your story idea..

Why Economic Developers Should Care About Their Startup Ecosystems

By REDI Cincinnati on 08/07/2017

In this follow-up to Steve Case's July 12 visit to Cintrifuse, read how the region's startup ecosystem can help big companies succeed in an age of industry disruption.

Enable Injections finds fertile environment for growth in Greater Cincinnati

By Michael D. Hooven, President & CEO, Enable Injections on 07/17/2017

In this guest post from Enable Injections, president and CEO Michael D. Hooven shares why the Cincinnati region is the best place to grow his third company.

Regional Companies Showcase Innovations at BIO International 2017

By Andrea Enders on 07/10/2017

REDI Cincinnati and our partners were at the BIO International Convention 2017 in San Diego, California to introduce innovators to the Cincinnati region and showcase the technology advancements happening here. Read about the companies building on the region's biohealth legacy.

Biotech startup Genetesis finds its home in Mason

By Andrea Enders on 07/03/2017

This startup founder thought of a groundbreaking biohealth innovation while attending a Greater Cincinnati high school. Find out where the company is now and why it chose to locate in the region.

A region of possibilities for new college graduates

By Leo Mesones on 06/28/2017

Greater Cincinnati recently made headlines as the best city for new college graduates - and for reasons beyond affordability, low unemployment, and higher earnings. Read more to find out why Greater Cincinnati truly is the best place to start a career.

A six-figure job, without the four-year degree

By Kevin Donnelly on 06/26/2017

Just about any conversation you have with an economic developer or employer will end in one place – the talent gap, specifically in advanced manufacturing. Learn what NPR podcast 1A had to say on the topic, and how that applies to the Cincinnati region.

Ocean Accelerator – Startups with a Mission

By REDI Cincinnati on 06/19/2017

Faith, business and community mix at Ocean Accelerator, the only faith-based accelerator of its kind in the United States. Backed by Crossroads Church in Oakley, the program attracts more than 350 applicants annually from every corner of the world – and more continue to flock to Greater Cincinnati. So what makes startups at Ocean Accelerator so successful?

Discovering our region's differentiators: why having a regional brand matters

By REDI Cincinnati on 06/05/2017

What makes your region different from all the rest? Having a regional positioning message - or a way to tell your region's story - is an important part of economic development for many different reasons.

3 reasons why there’s a manufacturing skills gap

By REDI Cincinnati on 05/29/2017

Automation as the cause for the manufacturing skills gap is a common theme in recent news. But there is more than one piece to this story. Read more to learn what else could be causing the disconnect between manufacturing employers and workers.

Getting to know JobsOhio and how it can help develop your site

By Tim Bachman on 05/22/2017

REDI Cincinnati works with JobsOhio to make sites in the Cincinnati region more visible. Learn how JobsOhio can help your site get noticed by site selectors and growing companies.

Apprenticeships in Ohio: Addressing the Manufacturing Talent Gap

By REDI Cincinnati on 05/15/2017

Automation is one of many ways technology is changing the manufacturing industry - and it's causing concerns about whether the labor force can keep up. Two Greater Cincinnati companies have an uncommon solution to the problem.

Insights from the 2017 Southwest Ohio Economic Outlook Conference

By Leo Mesones on 05/08/2017

White House policies, self-driving cars and new sewage systems - learn from the chief economist of PNC Bank and others how the events and trends of 2017 might shape the Greater Cincinnati economy.

3 ways to make your next international trip more impactful

By Janelle Lee on 05/02/2017

REDI Cincinnati is always searching for new businesses and growth opportunities. As our CEO Johnna Reeder often says, to truly be competitive, we need to think about how the Cincinnati region fits into the global economy. As part of this charge, Andrea Enders, manager of business development and projects, and I traveled to Mumbai and New Delhi to meet with Indian businesses interested in moving to the U.S. We always learn a great deal when we travel, but these three lessons rose to the top.

Engagement beyond the Classroom: NKU's Center for Applied Informatics

By John Sadosky on 04/17/2017

One Greater Cincinnati school is changing the way the region thinks about work force development. The Northern Kentucky University (NKU) College of Informatics teaches students how to use technology to solve real-world problems via their virtual co-op program.

Upward and Onward... Rallying a region!

By REDI Cincinnati on 04/05/2017

The Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III Upward and Onward! Award is inspired by a man who embodies the spirit, activism, regionalism and optimism needed to help our region grow. We are excited to share his story with you.

Global contract research organization finds talent advantage in Greater Cincinnati

By REDI Cincinnati on 03/24/2017

Medpace, Inc. has been growing since it opened its doors in 1992. Its most-recent growth achieved recognition from local economic developers.

Regional manufacturing company changes lives through employment

By REDI Cincinnati on 03/24/2017

Nehemiah Manufacturing Company is helping a seemingly unemployable population find – and keep – jobs. The company builds on an understanding of consumer products manufacturing to employ people who have a criminal record or a history or drug abuse. Nehemiah’s recent growth and its mission is being recognized by local economic developers.

Silicon Valley tech company finds talent it needs in Greater Cincinnati

By REDI Cincinnati on 03/24/2017

Quotient needs the brightest minds and the best talent to remain an industry leader. Its commitment to growth in Greater Cincinnati is catching the attention of local economic developers.

Safran Landing Systems wins James A. Wuenker Growth Award

By REDI Cincinnati on 03/24/2017

Safran Landing Systems wins James A. Wuenker Growth Award at REDI Cincinnati's 2017 annual meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Thursday, March 2, 2017.

4 techniques to prepare for a flawless site selector visit

By Tina Benjamin on 02/27/2017

REDI's special event manager shares her top tips to plan a site selector visit.

5 tips to ensure your site is marketable

By Andrea Enders on 02/20/2017

Ready to market your site? Here are five tips to make sure the right people see it.

How Automation is Changing Our Job Landscape

By Kevin Donnelly on 02/13/2017

Automation is changing the way automotive manufacturers make vehicles.

What is Fintech?

By Hannah Taphorn on 02/05/2017

It seems to be an ever-present buzzword, but do you know what FinTech really means?

Regional company helps auto dealers change the face of car buying

By Vince Phelan, senior director, marketing, CDK Global on 01/30/2017

A Greater Cincinnati company is on the cutting-edge of the changing auto-buying market.

How tech is disrupting the automotive industry

By Kevin Donnelly on 01/23/2017

Technology is revolutionizing the automotive industry.

Talented workers key to regional logistics success

By Kevin Donnelly on 12/19/2016

Greater Cincinnati is a logistics powerhouse because our colleges and universities know how to train skilled workers.

Searching for innovation in Ohio

By Tim Bachman on 12/19/2016

Looking for an R&D partner? REDI can help!

Who can tell your region's story?

By Tammy Riddle on 12/19/2016

How to understand and amplify your regional assets

4 Fintech trends to watch in 2017

By Kevin Donnelly & John Sadosky on 12/19/2016

Fintech is a growing industry that could play a big role in the U.S. economy in 2017 and beyond.

What is a Foreign Trade Zone?

By REDI Cincinnati on 12/12/2016

Greater Cincinnati is home to two Foreign Trade Zones, but do you know what that means?

Not your grandpa’s manufacturing

By Hannah Taphorn on 12/05/2016

The skills needed to succeed in manufacturing are changing rapidly. Are your workers ready to adapt?

Public, private developers answer call for manufacturing sites

By Kevin Donnelly on 11/21/2016

Greater Cincinnati heard the call for more large manufacturing sites. Learn more about the sites expected to go online soon.

Top IT trends for 2017

By Andrea Enders on 11/14/2016

Andrea Enders, manager, business development and project management, shares insights from her recent trip to the Gartner IT symposium.

Greater Cincinnati prepares to host talent summit

By REDI Cincinnati on 10/10/2016

Hundreds of CEOs from around the U.S. are coming to Greater Cincinnati to learn about attracting talent.

Greater Cincinnati startup community to welcome 1,000+ founders

By REDI Cincinnati on 10/09/2016

More than 1,000 founders are about to descend on Greater Cincinnati. Why they're coming and what it means for our region.

When a millennial attends her first conference

By Cierra Clymer on 10/05/2016

Ever worry about prepping for a conference? REDI's Cierra Clymer has three tips to help you attend you

How innovation is attracting FDI to the U.S.

By Janelle Lee on 10/03/2016

Disruptive innovation and FDI were hot topics at the 2016 Midwest US-Japan conference.

Startup Cincy getting ready to shine

By REDI Cincinnati on 09/21/2016

An entrepreneurs' event is coming to Greater Cincinnati. Wendy Lea explains what it means for our region.

Accelerator spotlight: HCDC Business Center

By REDI Cincinnati on 09/01/2016

A nationally recognized accelerator is helping startups in Norwood

Regional colleges, universities key to logistics growth

By REDI Cincinnati on 08/30/2016

This is the first in a series of blog posts highlighting regional colleges and universities that have strong logistic programs.

Greater Cincinnati is growing

By REDI Cincinnati on 08/29/2016

Eight stories about growing companies in Greater Cincinnati

Greater Cincinnati supports grocery chain’s 100+ years of growth

By Kim Harp on 08/22/2016

When he opened his first store on Pearl Street in downtown Cincinnati, Barney Kroger couldn’t have a clue what his legacy would be.

Why food companies find a home in Ohio

By REDI Cincinnati on 08/15/2016

Greater Cincinnati has long been home to dynamic food and flavoring companies.

What will your next office space look like?

By Andrea Enders on 08/08/2016

Recently, I attended the Area Development Consultants Forum in St. Louis. The two-day conference was filled with helpful sessions, but the most impactful discussion for me surrounded the future of office space, led by Cushman & Wakefield’s Sara Benson.

Brewer ignites region’s passion for beer

By Brandon Sehlhorst on 08/01/2016

Greater Cincinnati knows its beer. Built by German immigrants who brought their brewing culture to the region, we’re in the middle of a craft-brewing boom.

Dearborn County mill finds new life

By Ian Smith on 07/25/2016

A mill project bring development to Dearborn County.

Israel-based flavoring company finds sweet spot in Greater Cincinnati

By Janelle Lee on 07/18/2016

Learn why an Israel-based flavorings company found its sweet spot in Greater Cincinnati.

The future of flight is in Ohio

By REDI CIncinnati on 07/11/2016

REDI's Kimm Coyner is at the Farnborough Air Show talking about why Greater Cincinnati is right for aerospace companies.

2 reasons Greater Cincinnati is right for food companies

By Ian Smith on 07/05/2016

Food and flavoring companies have a lot to consider when expanding or relocating. Greater Cincinnati has the right ingredient mix to create a successful business.

Incentives, loans & grants – determining what’s right for you

By Cierra Clymer on 07/05/2016

REDI's Cierra Clymber explains the difference among incentives, grants and loans.

Skilled workers help global clinical research organization grow

By REDI Cincinnati on 06/27/2016

Medpace grows due to available regional talent base.

Northern Kentucky automotive manufacturer recognized for growth

By REDI Cincinnati on 06/13/2016

Regional automotive steering company grows in 2015

Enable Injections completes manufacturing facility for on-body delivery systems

By Enable Injections on 06/09/2016

Enable Injections announces new manufacturing facility

Smart, inclusive fitness equipment helps users get more from a workout and share it with their doctor

By IncludeFitness on 06/08/2016

IncludeFitness makes it easier for everyone to exercise.

New protein replacement therapy makes breathing easier for pre-term babies

By Airway Therapeutics on 06/07/2016

Airway Therapeutics creates protein that could help premature babies breathe

Midwest’s fastest-growing economy an incubator for growth and innovation

By REDI Cincinnati on 06/06/2016

REDI Cincinnati takes delegation to BIO International 2016 convention

Top #StartupCincy biohealth innovators to speak at BIO International 2016

By REDI Cincinnati on 06/03/2016

Top #StartupCincy biohealth innovators to speak at BIO International 2016

Making sense of millennials

By Hannah Taphorn on 06/02/2016

REDI's research and database manager shares her thoughts on millennials in the workplace.

REDI Cincinnati shares region’s story with top biohealth firms

By REDI Cincinnati on 05/30/2016

REDI Cincinnati is sending a delegation to BIO International. Learn more about why they are going.

REDI Cincinnati represents region at German manufacturing fair

By Janelle Lee on 05/23/2016

The 2016 Hannover Industry Show was a huge success for the U.S., Ohio and Greater Cincinnati.

Lebanon-based automotive manufacturer earns recognition for recent expansion

By REDI Cincinnati on 05/16/2016

A Greater Cincinnati automotive manufacturer celebrates another growth opportunity.

Thank you, fellow economic developers!

By Tina Benjamin on 05/11/2016

REDI Cincinnati celebrates Economic Development Week

Hamilton-based credit card issuer recognized for Greater Cincinnati location decision

By REDI Cincinnati on 05/09/2016

Barclaycard US decides to locate in Hamilton, Ohio in 2015. REDI Cincinnati recognizes growth with award.

Making connections in India

By Iam Smith on 05/02/2016

Ian Smith shares his takeaways after a REDI mission to India

Project Spotlight: Aprecia Pharmaceuticals

By REDI Cincinnati on 04/25/2016

Aprecia Pharmaceuticals found its home in Greater Cincinnati in 2015.

5 places in Greater Cincinnati to kick off your biohealth startup

By REDI Cincinnati on 04/11/2016

Considering starting your own biohealth company? Five local partners can help you test your ideas and build your business.

Why cyber security is important

By Hannah Taphorn on 04/04/2016

How often do you think about your company’s data security?

REDI Cincinnati celebrates strong 2015

By REDI Cincinnati on 03/29/2016

REDI Cincinnati capped off a successful 2015 during its annual meeting on March 23.

How to leverage IT trends for economic development

By Tammy Riddle on 03/28/2016

To remain competitive, economic development professionals should pay close attention to changing IT trends.

Human data drives consumer intelligence

By Patrick Henshaw, co-founder & COO at Strap on 03/21/2016

The co-founder and COO at Strap shares his thoughts about the future of wearable technology.